Thursday, March 06, 2003

This seems to be theraputical I want to do it again. Is it just me or Reality shows bites big time. I'm a fan of "Birds of Prey". They might cancel it. Which just pisses me off. They put crap on and they want to cancel a pretty decent show. Anyhow, let me know if I'm the only one dispising the Reality effect. Everywhere I see that sort of thing happening. Is it the fact that people's life are so boring they need to see other people live theirs. I have enough problems without watching somebody elses. Does anybody have nice Freeware sites they can share with me, I'm kind of hooked on those thing. So long.

Man, this is my first time so bare with me. I don't think I'm at all prepared for this kind of thing. But here I go! I am Canadian. But I'll try not to speak of politics. I'll probably go with my interests, entertainment, computer, music and books. That will be it for today. I might from time to time put some text I'm working on, just to get some feedback. Anyhow welcome to my "Etat d'ame"